• obtaining a residence permit in one of the most stable and comfortable countries in the world. EU/EEA citizens have a privileged status in Switzerland under the so-called bilateral agreement. Citizens belonging to the non- EU/EEA category can also get a permit under specific contingents;
  • obtaining visas (Switzerland is a member of the Schengen Agreement) for relatives and business partners;
  • acquisition of first-class real estate;
  • profiting from high quality medical care;
  • getting a good education for children in the leading educational institutions of Europe;
  • ensuring reliable and qualified management of accumulated wealth in order to preserve, increase and transfer it to heirs. In most Swiss cantons and on a federal level, there is no inheritance tax between spouses and direct descendants, also no gift tax;
  • ensuring the protection of inherited values and their subsequent effective distribution among family members.

Our company will help you to realize your interests in Switzerland. It is possible to create and irrevocable and discretionary trust and certainly predictive assessment can be arranged with us for customers considering relocation to Switzerland.