Today, opening a bank account in Switzerland is a profitable and far-sighted decision. Switzerland remains the most secretive financial jurisdiction, the internal banking secrecy of Switzerland guards the privacy of everyone and is a guarantee of economic freedom.

This is why a bank account in Switzerland is a profitable and far-sighted solution. Swiss banks have a significant margin of financial stability due to the requirements of banking legislation. Swiss banks account for up to 40% of the world's property and property management of individuals and legal entities.

Noteworthy to add Switzerland enjoys AAA status which is a factor of highest reliability.

Swiss banks provide a wide range of conservative and innovative financial solutions tailored to the needs of high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients, allowing you to fully appreciate the prospects of various financial strategies.

In the structure of the securities portfolio of Swiss banks, there are bonds, stocks and shares of mutual funds. A forex account in a Swiss bank will give you access to the largest number of exchanges and trading positions available, as well as provide optimal protection for your money in using forward exchange contracts.

Swiss banks care about the success of their clients, as the success of the clients is the success of the bank.